About Pst & Pst (Mrs) Uwem Offiong

Rising from our Pastors’ Summit of March 14th-18th 2008 at the Living Faith Church, Canaan Land Otta, I heard the Voice of the Spirit say to me,
  • The same hand of God upon my Servant comes upon you today.
  • You are the Extension of God wherever you go
  • You are a Prophetic Extension of this Apostolic Mission

As I welcome you into this loving family of THE EAGLES ASSEMBLY, I urge you to make conscious effort to getting rooted here so that you can grow up and bear relevant fruits and benefit totally from the random acts of God in our midst. John 15:4 Service is the master key to becoming anything in the kingdom! Psalm 89:20; John 12:26 you can serve God through any of the servicing units in the Church.

  • The Apostolic unction this Mission begins to trail your life;


You will never regret if you make THE EAGLES ASSEMBLY your home-based Church, your life will never remain the same again because God will practically take you from one level of encounter (with His Word) to another until your beauty and your full true colors emerge. 
Prov.4:18; Deut. 32:9-13. You will indeed be a HIGHFLIER!
​Once again, on behalf of my wife, the pastoral team and the entire church, I appreciate your esteemed presence in our midst. Enjoy His Glorious Presence.

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